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Is it time for a switch to waterproof flooring?

f you’ve ever lived through any type of water emergency in which you’ve had to replace your flooring, then you know how important waterproof or WPC flooring can be to your home. If you haven’t, then believe us when we say, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Replacing flooring, as you know, can be quite expensive, and you don’t want to have to do that anymore often than necessary. This floor covering can provide you with all the peace of mind you could ever want, so take the time to check it out.

Superior Carpet Service offers a great selection of high quality flooring at prices that simply can’t be beat. As a locally owned flooring business, with more than 30 years of experience, we sell and install our own materials, which is why we can beat competitor’s pricing. From our showroom in Phoenix, OR, we serve the areas of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, Eagle Point, and Shady Cover, and we’d love the opportunity to serve you as well. We invite you to visit at your convenience, where we can get you started with a completely free estimate.

Waterproof flooring’s many benefits

So what’s the big deal with waterproof flooring? The main benefit is the fact that it protects you from any and all water damage. Even if you’re often away from your home due to pleasure or business travel, you’ll never have to worry about what happens while you’re gone. Leaks, appliances that malfunction, and busted pipes need not concern you with this flooring in place.

Waterproof flooring can even offer added health benefits, as it will never allow the growth of mildew, mold, or bacteria. All these can cause serious health issues for many people, especially allergy sufferers, so it’s worth it just to provide some relief. It also offers no cracks or crevices where allergens can hide. No dander, dust, or pollen will ever become a problem because of your floors. Most often used in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, waterproof flooring is actually suited for any room in your home. Who knows when a child will wander into another room and spill their drink, or a pet will have spent too much time inside and have an accident? Neither of these scenarios will present a problem when you’ve decided to install these floors.
Waterproof flooring in Phoenix, OR from Superior Carpet Service Inc

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